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Im Prem who also runs The biggest Conduit fansite!


Just doing my part to help out hvs.


hope you all enjoy the site

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Reply Flyboy16 [TGN]
7:20 PM on May 7, 2014 
Reply KingreX32
9:46 AM on April 28, 2010 
hey prem. did you cheak out the connect to facebook app. Ive got it on My site. Cheak it out Its super cool.
Reply Fazon
12:12 PM on April 25, 2010 
same as below.
Reply PapaBear893
8:53 PM on April 24, 2010 
Prem, I can't get into any Threads. Its says I'm not allowed. WTF?
Reply Mania
11:23 PM on April 5, 2010 
Mania for Mod - 2010... Seriously I'm like always on TN...
Reply Flyboy16 [TGN]
7:16 PM on March 30, 2010 
Reply Shadow_ben_jamin
7:49 PM on March 13, 2010 
Hey Prem. I got 500 Posts, Membership please :) lol jk but really I did.
Reply Mr.FordTough (Yes, i'm back)
7:46 AM on March 9, 2010 
Damn, geting to member status will take a while.
Reply Mr.FordTough (Yes, i'm back)
4:17 PM on March 6, 2010 
Then i love you. I'm glad you'll keep this site up for ever.
Reply Psypherus
2:27 PM on March 6, 2010 
find just as long as there ain't no gaylo topics any more
11:19 AM on March 6, 2010 
dude can you tell mr. ford to stay out of the xbox section of the forums? all hes doing is starting a fanboy war
Reply Psypherus
10:50 AM on March 6, 2010 
do i have a shot at being a mod?
Reply yellowklayman
4:14 PM on March 4, 2010

results for the poll incase you didnt get em
Reply Mr.FordTough (Yes, i'm back)
8:08 PM on March 1, 2010 
After the grinder is released do you plan on keeping this site up? Please keep it up because i love everyone on this site.
Reply yellowklayman
5:59 PM on February 15, 2010 
can you change the poll to something more usefull, like can health regenerate or something like that
Reply MarioLuigi1983
1:27 AM on February 6, 2010 
Hey Prem, how can I make blog posts? I want to write something interesting that you might be intereseted in.
Reply Psypherus
3:12 PM on January 29, 2010 
ok look at the chat history
Reply Psypherus
6:54 PM on January 28, 2010 
Hmmmm So your telling is me this i get banned for spamming and yet h5 gets away with crap
Reply Psypherus
4:29 PM on January 28, 2010 
thats not how breakin rules work prem and this is the formus not the ning
Reply Datrear
3:22 PM on January 28, 2010 
today's my birthday.

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